Holiday Artist Market

ATTENTION******Flying Monkey Arts 2016 HOLIDAY Artist Market Guidelines*****ATTENTION

Booth rental fees and dates!!!
Read all the way through – be informed!!!
Ask questions!!!
Be community minded!!!

  • Holiday artist market hours and load in times for 2016 are as follows [Be punctual!]:

    Saturday, November 26th – load in 8:00 to 9:45, market 10 to 6, $20

    Saturday, December 3rd – load in 8:00 to 9:45, market 10 to 6, $20

    Saturday, December 10th – load in 8:00 to 9:45, market 10 to 6, $20

    Saturday, December 17th – load in 8:00 to 9:45, market 10 to 6 [Solstice market], $30

    Saturday, December 24th – load in 8:00 to 9:45, market 10 to 4 [Last Minute Market] $20

  • There are no guarantees made by The FlyMo for display space during the Artist Market.

  • Available space is in the FlyMo theatre, FlyMo hallway, or the 1st floor connector. This depends on which market and how much space is already engaged when you arrive on the floor.

  • Pre-paid pre-registration in person preferred – begins October 15th – see Jana or Jeanine.  Early sign up and payment assures space. New vendors work may require review before pre-registration. Vendors who attend market regularly may pre-register and pay on-line. If you no-show, your payment is forfeited.

  • Fees paid on the day of market must be in cash and paid in full before you’re brought in.

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes before load in begins. Pull into the water tower parking lot, unload your work into the line on the long loading dock [has tables and chairs on it]. Do not cut in line.

  • After you unload immediately move your vehicle away from the dock. Blocking the loading dock delays load-ins and load-outs for everyone which is unacceptable and impolite. Visiting artists must park in the outer parking lots. The only exception is if you require designated handicapped parking and have a valid permit.

  • Sign in when you arrive on the sign-in sheet on the first table by the double doors on the loading dock, then unload. Do not break line and do not block the loading area on the dock. Leave a walking space along the dock for others.

  • Artists must arrive, load-in, and set up BEFORE the artist market begins. Please do not come and expect to set up if you arrive even one minute after load-in concludes. If you do not complete your set up by the time market starts you will not be permitted to set up again during this year’s holiday artist markets, including Solstice Market.

  • There are several carts available for load in, 1st come, 1st served. Their use should be efficient. When you arrive at your assigned space, unload right away and immediately return the cart to the elevator for the next person to use. Do this before you begin your set up, even before setting your table up! Be quick so load in continues smoothly.

  • Please keep the fire lane clear and uncluttered during load-in, set up, load-out and during the market.

  • Check in with Cheryl, Demetria or Jana BEFORE you set up. You may be assigned space in the FlyMo hallway, the FlyMo theatre, or the 1st floor connector during Solstice artist market. Your coordinator will assign you a space deemed appropriate. Again, be flexible! [Please wait for the coordinator at the head of the hallway]

  • Bring plenty of change!

  • All vendors, regular and new, are expected to donate a portion of their earnings, 5%, or better, to the Flying Monkey. Do not *forget*! Give your donation to Cheryl, Anna Sue or Demetria. We use donations with great care.

  • BRING YOUR OWN 6 FOOT TABLE or smaller! There is only room for each vendor to have one 6 foot table with 2 chairs behind the table. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you show up with a longer table you will not be permitted to set up. Two artists with smaller or fewer works may share. Chairs must be behind tables, not beside. Respect your fellow artists by keeping your materials contained to a single space. No L-shaped set ups. Please reduce your set up to fit within our parameters. Be flexible! Cheryl will measure your space for compliance if deemed necessary.

  • Absolutely no art work or signs on walls or fences. Artists with work to hang will need to bring their own freestanding display panels. Panels cannot lean against walls or other structures. Even with panels your total space may not exceed 6 feet. Tell your coordinator if you have upright displays before a space is selected.

  • The FlyMo has folding chairs you may borrow. Please return them where you picked them up, and place them facing the same direction.

  • Flying Monkey Arts does not offer electrical access to vendors. Please charge your devices before you come and do not have expectations that you can plug-in items you are offering for purchase. Renters are not permitted to run extension cords for vendors.

  • Visiting artists are responsible for their own taxes and licensing.

  • Visiting artists may not begin load out until artist market is completely over. This means do not start packing and break-down until the exact time market ends [I cannot emphasize this enough]! The elevator operator is not permitted to load out anyone or bring up carts before load out. There are always last minute patrons and we want them to enjoy the full benefits of our market, including seeing your art. If you know you can’t stay then come on another Saturday when you can. This applies to ALL artists, including those set up in different parts of the complex for Solstice Market. If you begin to pack up/load out before it’s time you will not be permitted to set up at any artist market in the future.

  • If you are fortunate enough to sell out your table MUST stay in place until the end of market with a *SOLD OUT* sign. You may come back and pick up your table and items at the end of market, but you may not remove it before.

  • Absolutely NO FOOD items for sale or give-away without proof that your food items were prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen or they are labeled according to the new cottage food industry food safety guidelines.

  • Unwrapped heavily scented items are not permitted. No exceptions!

  • No open flames of any kind permitted. This includes smudging.

  • Attention Jewelry makers! Holiday artist market coordinators reserve the right to limit jewelry makers. You may be asked to provide a sample of your work. Jewelry assemblage is defined as jewelry that is comprised of pre-made purchased components that are then assembled. Fine art jewelers are those who fabricate all or a portion of their components before assemblage. Fine art jewelers are preferred for artist market. We are sorry if you are inconvenienced, it’s not personal.

  • Artists may only show their own work. No flea market, yard sale or import items.

  • Our annual Solstice Market is on December 17th from 10 to 6. Booth fee is $30.00. Load in begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 9:45. Packing and load out begins at exactly 6 PM and should be concluded by 7 PM. Please make your set up and break-down routine very efficient. Donations based on your Solstice Market sales are very meaningful and duly recorded. All donations may be delivered in person to Cheryl in Karma Rags or the coordinator in your area of the market.

  • Cheryl in Karma Rags can answer most questions and provide some basic supplies, like scissors and tape.

  • The cargo elevator is used for load-in and load-out. Lowe Mill employs an elevator operator. Only renters and Lowe Mill/Flying Monkey staff may operate the elevator. Do not operate the elevator yourself!

  • Acoustic only performers may busk and sell C.D.’s during artist market. Please load in with visual artists using these guidelines. Performers must stay for the entire market and must be considerate of their neighboring vendors.

  • If you are new to selling your art work please do a mock set up at home before you come to artist market. This helps you refine your set-up to meet our guidelines.

  • The FlyMo staff reserves the right to move visiting artists as seen fit.

  • The FlyMo does not permit political or religious tabling of any kind.

  • Please dispose of your trash and recycling, and leave the space at least as clean as you found it, if not better.

  • All people under 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult AT ALL TIMES during artist markets. Lowe Mill is an old industrial building with potential hazards. You be careful, too.

  • Be aware of spills. Stop what you’re doing and immediately get paper towels. Spills can and do leak onto the 1st floor. You don’t want to pay for damage caused by an ignored spill.

  • Vendor announcements occur shortly before market begins. It’s important to pay attention in case there are last minute changes that may affect you.

  • All other artist market guidelines apply.

  • Criminal or threatening behaviors are not acceptable and will be reported to the authorities.

Contact Information:

Cheryl Carlson/Karma Rags – FlyMo Director/Market Coordinator   256-468-5319 [Call only between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM]

Anna Sue Courtney/Squeaking Tribe Puppets – FlyMo House Manager/Market Coordinator      

Demetria Parker/Charismata Boutique – FlyMo Assistant Manager/Load-in Coordinator

Jana Ross – Cre8tive Sistas -FlyMo Load-in Coordinator, pre-registration  

Jeanine – Blue Dragonfly Studios – Pre-registration


Updated September 2016


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